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The following are common conditions that people seek counselling for. Research is increasingly demonstrating the efficacy of Animal Assisted Therapy as an effective treatment for these and other mental health conditions.



Anxiety is a normal human reaction to stress. Animal Assisted Therapy creates an environment in which people naturally regulate their emotions.


Animal Assisted Therapy has been shown to reduce depression symptoms. Animals provide unconditional acceptance, soothing presence, routine, companionship, and healing touch.

Trauma & Abuse

Trauma and abuse may cause the nervous system to be disregulated. Symptoms like high startle response, anxiety, restlessness, emotional flooding, exhaustion, and dissociation are common. Animal Assisted Therapy helps people regulate their nervous system, and restore the emotional-physical balance they need to work through their trauma memories.

Grief & Loss

Grief is a powerful feeling resulting from loss. Animals reflect emotion. This bio-feedback helps people tune into their inner world.


Forming a relationship with an animal enables people to form and heal human relationships. This can be especially helpful for youth who have difficulty connecting with others.


Animals have a calming effect that helps people of all ages regulate their emotions and maintain focused.

All services provide at Blue Rein Ranch are tailored specifically to the needs of the client. Clients are welcome to come to the ranch to meet the therapist and the animals before committing to any therapy. If clients agree to proceed, initial assessment will be conducted to determine an appropriate method of therapy. Initial assessments can be conducted at the ranch, by phone, or at our office in Lethbridge. 

Sessions can vary in lengths depending on client needs. Most sessions are one hour in length. Longer half or full day retreat style sessions can also be provided. Our goal is to provide counselling that is cost-effective and meets your needs. Rates can be adjusted on a sliding scale for clients who qualify as low income. 

If you feel you don’t want to engage in therapy, but would just like to spend some time with the animals, or maybe take some riding lessons, give us a call and we can certainly accommodate. Therapeutic riding rates are $50/hour. This includes the use of our tack, as well as some basic riding/horsemanship lessons.

Some client prefer a blend of office therapy and AAT. Our rates for therapy that does not involve any animals are $100 for a 1 hour session. Please visit for more information on non-AAT counselling.

Prospective clients are welcome to visit the ranch to meet and greet the therapist and the animals.

Please call for details. 403-894-7302